September 26, 2010

Farm City Forum Looks at Future of Urban Ag

Farm City Forum Poster

Farm City Forum was yesterday, and we had a great time.  Organized by Derek Denkla, Farm City is a three-week series of events exploring future visions of urban agriculture.  There was a solid crowd in attendance, and growingCities spoke at the Pecha Kucha
forum with ten other architects, planners, artists, and farm owners.

Farm City Forum consisted of three events from 1-7pm, and the entire day was well organized with interesting speakers and discussions.  Some of the other urban agriculture projects that are happening in the city are very intriguing, and it was great to get a feel for the current status of the new food revolution in NYC.

We particularly enjoyed:
Artist Tattfoo Tan
Artist Mary Mattingly's Waterpod Project
Architecture firm Work AC's Edible Schoolyard
Architecture firm Thread Collective and Derek Denkla's NORC Farms

Farm City will be happening again in the Spring, and we encourage you to attend some of the events.

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