August 5, 2010

Milwaukee, SweetWater Organics, Photo Album

The trip to Milwaukee gave us an opportunity to witness and participate in a huge range of activities related to urban agriculture. We spent ten full days around the city, volunteering at urban farms, visiting local markets, interviewing the people behind the city's Good Food Revolution/{r}evolution.

We spoke with farmers, volunteers, school kids, aquaponics specialists, entrepreneurs, architects and consumers about their opinions on urban agr
iculture and the built environment.

Click here to see: The Sweetwater Organics Flickr Album

With fourteen hours of video footage to edit, over a thousand photographs to sort through, and many thoughts to process - we have a lot of raw material with which to go forward. Here's the first of more to come, photographs posted of SweetWater Organics, one of the first large-scale commercial aquaponics facilities.

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